ECA Disclosure and Barring Checking Service

ECA offers a responsive and confidential Disclosure and Barring Checking Service (DBS Check) which is available to members and non-members (currently 90% of DBS checks completed within 30 days). ECA members benefit from reduced administration fees

The ECA DBS Checking Service provides information, advice and guidance to ECA members on any changes in the current Home Office systems, together with the required policies and procedures that employers should adopt for the processing of DBS checks for their employees.

ECA provides an on-line training package for all employers to support them in ensuring their staff complete DBS applications accurately, thus avoiding costly delays in processing.

“the ECA DBS Checking Service is really personal and helpful, the team immediately alert us to any mistakes that our recruits may have made at no extra charge, and avoid the expense of forms having to be returned. Thanks for a great service!”

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